Meditation Made Simple Workshop

Don’t let stress, unruly emotions and an over-active mind take charge of your daily living. And if you are already experiencing these, don’t hesitate anymore! Come and learn how you can manage your stress, mind and emotions more effectively through practical wisdom and simple meditation techniques. Meditation is simply a scientific way to train our minds to be more focused, relaxed and positive. This is a workshop where modern psychology meets ancient practice.

Don’t let misconceptions of meditation stop you from learning to live a more positive and joyful life! This workshop is non-religious and will provide you with a fundamental yet comprehensive guide to wisdom and practice. 

Suitable for anyone 16 and above.

What some participants say

“Meditation to me now is about helping myself lead a better life, emotionally.” – Yu Cheng, Singapore.

“Meditation is quite easy and simple. It can be done anywhere. It is not about casting away your thoughts and it’s okay to have them to come and go while you meditate.” – Joan, Singapore.  

“I learned the science behind our emotions and how to conquer them!” – Victoria, Singapore.

“I have learned many techniques of meditation and when they may be of relevance.” – Majeed, Saudi Arabia. 

Session Setting

No preparation on your part. You will be sitting on chairs, thus, no special attire needed.

You will receive two free books written by Vikas Malkani (creator of this workshop programme) – The Little Manual of Happiness & The Little Manual of Meditation.

Group Class

Dates for August and September to be announced. Send me an email to receive notifications when dates are released.

Duration for workshop: 4 sessions of 2 hours each. Evening classes. 7 participants in each group class.

Fees per participant: $350.00

Individual Class

Send me an email to arrange.

Duration for workshop: 4 sessions of 1.5 hours each.

Fees: $150 per session.

Payment mode

Payment on first session. Cash, PayNow and PayLah are the only accepted modes of payment.