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MCOU candidate (completed PGCOU), BSocSci (Hons) in Social Work, PGDE in Secondary School Education.

I am Kenneth – a master’s candidate of counselling (completed post-graduate diploma) and am graduating in just one more semester. I have worked in the elderly, mental health (as a social worker) as well as school settings (as a teacher in the Student Management Committee) and have counselled many people. As I truly enjoy the process of working through their issues together and see them grow, I decided to make a final switch in my career to become a full-time counsellor – a role that I am so willing to grow old in – to help and journey with people in distress or those who are just seeking personal development. It will certainly be a privilege for me to work with you on the issues you may present during counselling.

‘The Pomegranates’ (UEN No.: 53381493J) is a registered private entity which provides counselling service and mindfulness classes. It also has an educational blog, which suggests ways we can live our life more positively. As to why ‘The Pomegranates’ is chosen to be the name of my practice, I like the word ‘pomegranates’ and the way it’s pronounced. It sounds fun and are tasty too! Certainly, it is also an auspicious fruit in many cultures. The bright colours in the logo symbolise ‘hope’, ‘aspirations’ and ‘joy’.

Life will throw us challenges, big and small, but I believe we have the ability and capacity to learn to overcome all odds. Counselling today is seen both as a psycho-emotional support and a personal development agency. Thus, do take the first step in seeking support from a counsellor. Don’t let misconceptions about counselling stop you from seeking personal development and/or help.

Till then, be happy! Say, “Pomegranates!”


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